Friday, September 17, 2010

Monetium Mastermind Team

You'll only be representing one company, Monitium. Both you and your team will only be recruiting into your Monitium business through your Monitium business building website. You and your team will never need to recruit into an outside MLM company directly, so you'll never need to talk, or worry about who has the best compensation plan, vitamin, lotion, juice, weight loss product, etc... which is what most new network marketers struggle with. Instead, you'll now be able to show your prospect a unique MLM wealth building system, with a complete stand alone platform that partners with the best MLM companies in the industry to create an unmatched opportunity. Monitium even has a seamless connection to our outside MLM companies, so everything is handled and tracked through your Monitium business portal. Even though we're not an MLM company, we provide our Associates with a "state of the art" robust backoffice and full genealogy platform to manage and track their teams growth.

Monitium is already being described by industry professionals as the ultimate "MLM wealth creation vehicle" because of its unique platform. Just as you would never place all of your savings in one stock investment, nor should you invest all your effort and time in just one MLM company, which may or may not stand the test of time. Monitium's brilliant platform strategy dilutes your risk and maximizes your potential for gain. The Monitium platform ensures that you will build a business that lasts a lifetime as you embrace the next Millennium with Monitium!

Your Next Step Should Be Clear, Join Monitium Today and Lock Your Position In Our Permanent Binary Genealogy! Then call other MLM leaders and invite them on to your team before they take a permanent position on another leader's team. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain... It's Your Move!